Philadelphia-bred artist, Lihtz Kamraz, has come to take the entertainment world by storm. While beginning his music career, Lihtz established a versatile sound in which he demonstrated talent as both a rapper and singer. His style incorporates raw, gritty lyrics on up-tempo harmonies.

From videos featured on BET JAMS and Revolt TV to stage show presence, Lihtz has set the tone as a multifaceted entertainer. A tone that quickly opened up lanes to skyrocket his career.

In October of 2015, Lihtz debuted on FOX’s hit series “EMPIRE”. With no acting experience, he landed the role after driving 13 hours to Chicago from Philadelphia just days after finding out about the audition with little to no money. 


Lihtz was rejected for the first audition, but was stopped a FOX producer before leaving whom invited him to audition for a different role the next day. He put his best foot forward and the producers described him as the perfect t from his looks to personality. Lihtz plays Freda Gatz (played by rising star, Bre-Z), closest and most trusted friend in her entourage

that overprotects her from Lucious Lyons sneaky antics.

Lihtz is the epitome of a true industry hustler and entertainer. Although his acting career has taken off, he’s promised to also stay grounded in his music. After sharing his well received single, “Simplicity,” Lihtz dropped his highly anticipated, 15-track project, The Switch Up LP with Vibe Magazine.